A rare gem in the corner of British Columbia.

You'll love everything about Atlin, British Columbia, a small Northern Unincorporated town, a beautiful rare gem hidden in the most northwest corner of BC 60 minutes south of the Alaska Highway. The town of Atlin is on the traditional lands of the Taku River Tlingit First Nations, located on the shores of glacial-fed Atlin Lake which is 5 miles wide and 95 miles long, with Atlin Mountain majestically watching over the town and lake. The tranquil town of Atlin has a population of approximately 500 summer residents. During the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898, the population was 10,000. A few buildings from that era still remain.

Though mining and tourism were important to the economy of Atlin, there is a large number of artists, musicians, and authors who share their talents with those fortunate enough to visit our little town of Atlin, BC.

There is a sense of going back in time when you drive into the town of Atlin. With Atlin Mountain looming ahead of you and no cell service, it feels as if you are stepping back into an era where pay phones could be found on a corner or in the local hotel. Atlin does offer three free internet hot spots.

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