Non-Food Vendor Registration





Size of booth space needed. Our space is very limited, so please be specific.
NOTE: For large sizes, you must provide the exact size of space your set-up will take. This includes vehicle (if applicable), tent, and awning on van, anything and everything your space will require, EVEN the trailer hitch! Please submit a drawing that shows measurements on each side, if that is easiest. (This is backup info so  that we can figure out how to shoehorn you in if need be!)
Internet service is available for a $20.00 fee. Do you require Internet service?



Festival passes are not included in the vendor fee. Non-food vendors may purchase up to 2 festival passes at a discounted rate of $15.00/pass. Additional passes can be purchased at the regular pass fee through the AAMF website.

Do you require festival passes?


AAMF will be hosting Sunday morning Pancake Breakfast. Vendor tickets are $5.00 each

Mail your cheque for total vendor fees to:

AAMF Vendor Registration
Box 168
Atlin BC, V0W 1A0

You may also e-transfer your payment to


Camping is included in your vendor registration fee. Please include your camping requirements

2024 Vendor Registration

Please note that non-food vendors must operate independently of power. We do not supply power to our non-food vendors, and the use of generators is not permitted onsite.


Vendor policies and guidelines for a smooth and happy festival for everyone.

The Festival will look different this year, the vendor area will be open to festivalgoers and the general public who do not have passes. The Atlin Family Fun Fair Tarahne Park Arts Market will start at 4pm on Friday, July 5th and end at 2 pm on Sunday, July 7th, 2024.

  • You can set up your booth on Friday, July 5th anytime between 9 am and 4 pm. You must be set up prior to Friday, July 5th, 4 pm. No vehicles will be permitted on the grounds after Friday at 4 pm. 
  • The vendor coordinator will be on-site to greet and answer any questions you might have until 10 pm on Friday, July 5th.
  • Please have all your supplies and merchandise you need for the weekend inside the festival grounds. You may use the back entrance to carry in supplies, but ONLY between 8 am and 10 am on Saturday and Sunday mornings. During the festival, you may use the wagon provided to bring in supplies through the front entrance.
  • You must supply all your display and sales needs. We do not supply power (except for food vendors), tents, tables, or chairs.
  • Hours of operation are your choice; however, you may not pack up and leave before Sunday at 2 pm.
  • No camping on the festival grounds! However, there will be a special campsite for vendors close to the festival grounds.
  • We are proud of our Green and Clean Festival. Please help us to keep it this way. We do not charge any damage deposits, but we do ask you to clean up thoroughly during your stay when you leave. This also includes any small garbage articles like candy wrappers and cigarette butts.
  • Although there is security all night long, the Festival will not take any responsibility for the security of your goods.

I understand and agree to comply with the above policies and guidelines.